RDM has opened its latest tool for full creative production. The Vault, an extended reality video production studio, establishes itself to be one of Florida's largest and highest-resolution HDR LED volumes with a 66-foot curved diameter, 14-foot-tall LED wall, and connected LED ceiling with no gaps. Businesses, creatives, and directors can easily film realistic video content by virtually recreating any location. The Vault allows for full creative control over weather elements, real-time stage adjustments, lighting and color control, immersive settings for actors and audiences, and a reduction in production time and expenses.

The studio space comes equipped with everything a production firm might possibly require, from equipment to technical crew. The Vault features in-house video production equipment, 4,000 sq ft sound stage, 600 amps 3phase stage power, two makeup / vanity chairs, one dressing room, two bathrooms, two 10’x12’ roll up garage doors, a kitchen, and six flat screens on walls for monitoring throughout the facility.

The Vault currently offers studio rental day rates that include equipment and technical crew support to unlock limitless creativity. Contact to schedule a studio tour or for more information.